My 25th birthday and the future

I’m writing this while sitting in the sun enjoying a cup of coffee. I’m trying to get rid of my hangover from yesterday night.

A few weeks ago I decided to cut back on alcohol and only drink it if there’s something special to celibrate and my birthday (8th of September) was a good reason. However, I do notice that because my minimum intake of alcohol lately I wasn’t very good at handling it this morning. I felt satisfied by the night but weak. Alcohol truely is poison.

Back to today, I’ve chosen my birthday as a marker for myself to think about my plans for the upcoming 365 days. To think about the goals I want to achieve. The list that came in my mind was: To compete in an official triathlon, run the half marathon in Egmond and┬áparticipate at the Marmotte in France.

All I need to do now is to actually do it.

More precise goals will get formulated soon. Time to go back to enjoying the sun!